Psychological therapy for parents 

I can help you overcome whatever is holding you back from being the parent you want to be.

I can help you start living the family life you want to live. 

It's a courageous choice to begin talking therapy, and there are many reasons why parents seek it out. 



I am experienced in working with clients to overcome the following challenges,

related to a parent's life more generally: 

- Depression, persistent sadness or low mood

- Anxiety or health anxiety 

- Stress, including burnout

- Grief and Bereavement  

- Shame and/or frequent feelings of guilt

- Perfectionism 

Challenges regarding self-worth, self-esteem or confidence

- A loud inner-critic voice

- A sense of disconnection from your life 

- A sense of disappointment with where you are in your life

- Childhood emotional trauma, or unresolved emotions from your past 

- Relationship difficulties, such as difficulties in trusting or setting personal boundaries 

- Attachment difficulties, and how these relate to our upbringing

- Physical health difficulties, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, or Obesity, etc.

- Changing lifestyle habits (e.g. stopping smoking, losing weight, etc.)

- Adapting to the changes that menopause brings


I am also experieced in offering support for challeges specifically related to the parenting journey: 


- Challenges associated with fertility

- Pregnancy loss

- Pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding related trauma

- Postnatal depression, anxiety or overwhelm

- Adjustment to becoming a parent

- When parenting is not what you expected

- Feeling 'not good enough' as a parent

- Feelings of stress, guilt and/or shame related to parenting 

- Feeling overwhelmed from with advice from parenting books etc.

- Setting effective boundaries for your child

- Realising you are turning into your own parent ( ...which you promised yourself would never happen)

- Supporting your child with their emotional challenges

- Learning how to be emotionally supportive of your children, and boundaried and firm at the same time

- Parents being on 'different pages' re. behaviour management etc.

- Family bereavements or life transitions (e.g. separation, house move, etc.), which make parenting harder

- Challenges regarding building new step-families

- Your own emotional, mental health or physical concerns that you worry impact on your parenting 

- Preventing your children from developing mental health conditions in the future

- Simply wishing to enhance your parenting skills


I welcome queries from individuals from all backgrounds and cultures. 

The therapy I offer will be developed collaboratively, with you actively contributing to this process as well as me. I will base my input to this collaborative process on an integration of many evidence-based psychological therapies and techniques (for more information about my skills, experience and therapeutic techniques, please click the link below). 

Please note: I am unable to offer support to families who are currently experiencing any risk of self-harm, or abuse, or violence from others, either verbally or physically. My therapy services are contraindicated where there is current risk of self-harm or abuse - Currently living in safety is a pre-requisite for undergoing safe and effective therapy with me.

If this applies to you please speak to the Police and your GP about options for you to become safe, and/or phone the National Domestic Abuse Hotline (freephone) on 0808 2000 247.