How I work

I integrate several evidence-based therapies and techniques: 

- Conscious Parenting, Connected Parenting, Choice Parenting & Wholehearted Parenting

- Emotionally-Focussed Therapy

- Compassion and Self-Compassion techniques

- Unresolved Emotional Trauma Focussed approaches

- Brené Brown's The Daring Way™

- Couples Therapy

- Systemic Therapy

- Psychodynamic Therapy

- Humanistic Therapy

- Neuroscience & Psychoneuroendocrinology

- Mindfulness techniques

- Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

- Cognitive & Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

And more...

When I meet you, I will integrate my knowledge of all of these models and techniques,

to create a unique holistic psychology service, that best makes sense for you.


I specialise in offering longer-term therapy, which allows us the opportunity to get to the root cause of your difficulties,

rather than just 'treating' the surface level 'symptoms' you are experiencing. 

I specialise in providing a space for any and all of the emotions, that you have had to hold in throughout your life,

to come to the surface and be processed and resolved. 

I can help you understand how experiences throughout your life, particularly your early life,

shape your responses, emotions, relationships and behaviours in your life now. 

I can support you to explore how the ways that you were parented may be unconsciously impacting on how you parent today,

and how this may even be impacting on the mental health of your children today too. 

I can help you to stop repeating family patterns, and build a family life that works for you now, and into the future.

I can work with one parent individually, or I can offer couples therapy for parents together. 

 I also prioritise the demystifying of psychological concepts 

& empowering you with knowledge.  

The focus of the support I offer is in maximising emotional literacy, emotional agility and emotional resilience.

Together we will explore themes such as vulnerability (and how being a parent in our culture, can make vulnerability feel particularly challenging), emotional expression and emotional strength, trust, courage, compassion and connection. 

I can also help you understand the connections between

physical health and your mental health, for you and your children. 

Click below for information about the various formats of support I offer: