Wholehearted, Daring, Parenting-Psychology

I can help you become the parent you want to be.

It's a courageous choice for a person to seek advice or support from a psychologist, in relation to their parenting, and there are many reasons why parents seek this out. 

I am experienced in, and have a special interest in, working with parents to overcome the following challenges: 

- Adjustment to becoming a parent

- Postnatal depression

- When parenting is not what you expected

- Realising you are turning into your own parent (Which you promised yourself would never happen!)

- Pregnancy or child-birth related trauma

- Feeling 'not good enough' as a parent

- Feelings of stress, guilt and/or shame related to parenting 

- Feeling overwhelmed from with advice from parenting books etc.

- Setting effective boundaries for your child

- Supporting your child with their emotional challenges

- Learning how to be emotionally supportive of your children, and boundaried and firm at the same time

- Parents being on 'different pages' re. behaviour management etc.

- Family bereavements or life transitions (e.g. separation, house move, etc.), which make parenting harder

- Challenges regarding building new step-families

- Your own emotional, mental health or physical concerns that you worry impact on your parenting 

- Preventing your children from developing mental health conditions in the future

- Simply wishing to enhance your parenting skills

- Etc.

I welcome queries from Mums from all backgrounds and cultures. I also welcome queries from Mums, Step-Mums, Foster Carers, Adoptive Parents, etc. - Anyone who identifies as a woman, and who is in any personal, caring role for a child. 

The therapy I offer will be developed collaboratively, with you actively contributing to this process as well as me. I will base my input to this collaborative process on an integration of many evidence-based psychological therapies and techniques (for more information about my skills, experience and therapeutic techniques, please click the link below). 

Please note: I am unable to offer support to families who are currently experiencing any risk of self-harm, or abuse, or violence from others, either verbally or physically. My therapy services are contraindicated where there is current risk of self-harm or abuse - Currently living in safety is a pre-requisite for undergoing safe and effective therapy with me. If this applies to you please speak to the Police, your GP and local Child Social Care services about options for you and your children to become safe, and/or telephone (freephone) the National Domestic Abuse Hotline on 0808 2000 247.