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Parent Psychology Services

“Becoming the most alive version of ourselves is the most important and inspiring thing we can do for our children”

Zoe Blaskey, Parent Coach and host of The Motherkind podcast

Is my service the right one for you? 

Are you adjusting to the momentous task of becoming a new parent, or foster-parent? (And don't worry if your answer is 'yes', even if some time has passed - This adjustment can very understandably take a very long time).  

Do you feel that childbirth, and those first few weeks with your baby at home, were really very hard, or perhaps even quite traumatic in some ways, and do you understandably find that hard to talk about, with your friends, other new parents, or your family?

Are you trying your very best, and yet feel every day that your efforts are not quite good enough? 

Do you compare yourself to other parents, and worry you are not getting it right? 

Are you overwhelmed with parenting tips, parenting advice and various parenting strategies, but can't find anything that seems to work for you and your child?

Do you wish your child would respect your boundaries without becoming upset, and engaging in a tantrum? 

As co-parents, are you on different pages about what parenting techniques are best for your children?

Are you, or have you recently, separated from your partner, and are you worried about the impact of this on you, and your children? 

Have you experienced any life-transitions recently that are making parenting somewhat harder (e.g. a house move, separation or ending of a relationship, a bereavement, etc.)? 

Do you feel that its hard to take your of yourself in the context of parenting? Are you constantly putting the needs of others ahead of your own needs?

Do you have your own emotional or physical concerns that you worry impact on your parenting? 

Or do you have other concerns, related to parenting, that are not listed above?


Or are you simply curious to know if you can further enhance your parenting skills?


If you have answered 'yes' to any, or several, of the above questions: 

You are not alone. 

I have worked in services supporting parents for more than a decade, and have met with hundreds of parents describing the above concerns, and many more not listed above. I can offer you support.

And if you don't have a particular concern right now, but are curious about learning new skills to enhance your parenting, then I can offer this coaching-style psychology service too. 

I welcome queries from Mums, Dads, Foster Carers, Adoptive Parents, etc. -

anyone in any personal, caring role for a child. 

How can my psychology services help? 

Expressing your concerns is the first step

We often understandably attribute feeling stuck with difficult feelings to the emotions themselves. 

But this is not the whole story...

Research now tells us that getting 'stuck' actually stems more from us trying to deny or escape our emotions and vulnerabilities - By saying 'I'm fine', when we don't feel fine. Research also now tells us that it is our vulnerabilities that give us strength and direction, to guide us to optimal growth and learning in our in lives, and we now know that it is only through our vulnerabilities that we can truly connect to the people who are important to us.

As a parent, the first step to being able to embrace your child's emotions and vulnerabilities is being able to embrace your own. This initial step is often understandably very hard for current generation parents, who have often been raised themselves to hide their emotions, to "keep calm, and carry on", or who have been raised to believe the myth that vulnerability is a weakness.  

I use evidence-based psychological techniques to support you to face and embrace your emotions and vulnerabilities, and those of your child.  I aim to support you to embrace your emotions, vulnerabilities, and uniqueness, and to empower you to work towards your best life. As defined by you. For you and your children.

What can you gain from working with me? 

You can first and foremost gain a sense of feeling emotionally supported, which is a very powerful change agent in itself. 

You can develop your emotional awareness, and simultaneously gain an understanding that your emotions are okay, and that they are understandable, and normal. This in itself will powerfully increase your capacity for responding effectively to your child's emotions.

I can support you to learn communication and collaboration skills, so that more effective parenting and co-parenting becomes possible.

I can also support you to develop emotional resilience, and to develop the emotional resilience of your child

And with this, you will also learn to further develop your child's inherent courage, cognitive flexibility, self-reflexivity, and empathy. These are key skills that will absolutely support them to reach their highest potential throughout their life. 

And importantly, you can learn how to hear, and trust, your inner voice of parenting intuition, which can then guide you in each and every decision you make as a person in your own right, and as a parent. Living and parenting are ultimately both uncertain endeavours - it is a totally unique experience for every parent and child. There is no 'one size fits all' approach for parenting. Connecting with me can unlock your infinite, innate, instinctive and intuitive parenting resources, from within you. Your intuition is your key to effective living and parenting, and the key to your intuition is your emotional awareness and resilience, which you can have the opportunity to develop further by working with me. 

How does it work? 


You will meet with me, in a private therapy consulting room in central Tunbridge Wells. And we will talk. I can offer support to one parent alone, individually, or I can work with couples and/or groups of parents (e.g. step-parents, extended family, etc.). Parenting sessions can be focussed on the evidence-based 'The Daring Way™' programme (see the tab under 'My Services' in the menu, above, for more information), which I highly recommend for all parents, or they can encompass a more tailored, integrative approach.