About me, Dr. Jenny Turner

I welcome referrals from anyone who wishes to explore their experience as a parent, or parent-to-be,

whatever that journey looks like for you.

 I will know & trust that there is nothing 'wrong' with you, if you request to see me. 

I will assume that you are experiencing normal, understandable human emotions and experiences,

which are understandably very challenging at times. 


I believe that you can become empowered to respond to these difficulties in a way that works better for you,

fits with your values, and better allows you to live the life you want to live. 

There is a lot of information about my training, qualifications, credentials, experience and expertise on this website, and yes,

I have indeed learned a great deal from many lectures, books, conferences, and research.


But most importantly, I have learned from the thousands of families I have worked with, throughout my career, and I very highly value the knowledge that I have gathered from working directly with them.


What is it like in the (online Zoom) room with me?

I have a very strong natural skill in empathically and compassionately sitting with people who are expressing very strong emotions. 

Many of my clients come into therapy having spent a lifetime doubting themselves, hiding their true feelings, and thinking that there must be something wrong with them if that feel the way they do. 

But after working with me, many clients report feeling very validated by me - They find that I wholeheartedly embrace whatever feelings they express, when they are with me - It is important to me that my clients  begin to believe that their feelings, and who they are as a person,

are totally okay, acceptable and embraceable.


Who am I? 

I am a clinical psychologist, trained in the UK, and who has had more than a decade's experience working with parents and families,

in the NHS and in private practice. 

I am a Mum myself too. I have my own experiences of emotional challenges throughout my life,

and I have experiences of accessing therapy myself too. 

Everyday I try to be the best Mum I can be for my child, and somedays - that is incredibly hard. 

I am also a cis-gendered, heterosexual, white British, able-bodied woman.

I am aware that I hold a huge amount of privilege in the society within which I live, and I'm aware that I do not have first hand experience of the discrimination and prejudice experienced by people who live as part of the populations which are marginalised in British modern life.

I am always open to learning about people's experiences where they differ from mine, if you wish to work with me, and I will also always be open to receiving feedback if you experience any hurt, or discrimination from me in the course of our work together. This will never be my intention, but I'm aware that my privilege unconsciously blinds me to many of the ways in which I contribute to marginalising people, and  I am committed to always widening my sight and vision in this regard. ​

 I very much look forward to working with you - It will be a privilege and an honour. 


my Professional 


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My Experience:

  • Clinical Psychologist in Independent Practice & Founder of Mind Body Soul Psychology - Tunbridge Wells, June 2019 to present. 

  • Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Paediatric Psychology at Royal Brompton Hospital, London, Oct 2014 - Feb 2019. 

  • Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Child Obesity Service, Mile End Hospital, London, Nov 2013 - September 2014. 

  • Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Bexleyheath, London, Dec 2013 - July 2014. 

  • Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Dartford & Gravesend, Kent, Oct 2010 - Nov 2013. 

  • Trainee Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Older Adults Service, Eastbourne, Sussex, April 2010 - Sept 2010. 

  • Trainee Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Family Intensive Support Service, Eastbourne, Sussex, Oct 2009 - March 2010. 

  • Trainee Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Adult Learning Disability Service, Tonbridge, Kent, April 2009 - Sept 2009. 

  • Trainee Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Ashford, Kent, Oct 2008 - March 2009. 

  • Trainee Clinical Psychologist (NHS) - Community Mental Health Teams, Tunbridge & Tunbridge Wells, Oct 2007 - Sept 2008. 

  • Assistant Psychologist (NHS) - Community Mental Health Team, Royal Free Hospital, London, Oct 2006 - Aug 2007. 

  • Research Assistant - The National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health (in collaboration with NICE, the National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence), Responsible for writing & publishing NICE guidance for mental health. London, Nov 2005 - Aug 2007. 

My Education: 

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology - Canterbury Christ Church University. 

  • BSc. in Psychology - University of Western Australia. 

  • BSc. in Neuroscience - University of Western Australia. 

Additional Training:

  • The Daring Way™ - Methodology based on the research of Brené Brown; to become a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator - Trained in San Antonio, Texas - 2019/20. 

  • Working with Families with Physical Illness - The Tavistock, London - 2017. 

  • Exploring Complex Realities of Inter-agency Working: Group Relations Conference - The Tavistock, London - 2016. 

  • Clinical Psychologists as Future Leaders Training Series - British Psychological Society, London - 2015/16.