Dr. Jenny Turner, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Ph: 07760 541 490. 


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Questions You May Have

How often will I see you?

If you choose to work with me on an on-going basis, then you can book sessions as frequently as once/week with me.


I do work flexibly in response to preference, and need, and would be happy to discuss the possibility of arranging fortnightly or monthly sessions, if that felt more suitable/affordable for you.


Some families feel that simply booking one-off appointments as/when they need that extra support, feels most useful for them - again, I am very open to this. 

How many sessions will I need? 

People work with me for varying numbers of sessions.


Some people feel that just one, or a few sessions feels useful, and others feel that it is more useful to work with me for a longer period of time. 


We will explore options for the duration of the therapy collaboratively, during our work together.

Will you offer sessions to my child?

No, I will meet with parents alone. As parents, you are the most important people in your child's life - and I want to keep it that way. And, in my experience, there is infinitely more possibility of effective, sustainable positive change (for children) by offering psychology services to their parents, rather than to children themselves.

That said, I make all therapeutic decisions on a case-by-case basis, and collaboratively with families - So we can certainly discuss the option of me seeing your child, if you are curious about this option, but I will always meet with you in the first instance.

How do I pay?


Payment is required before the start of any arranged session. Payment via electronic bank transfer, or BACS, prior to the appointment is preferred, although I do also accept cash. I do not accept cheques. 

There is also the option of paying by card at the time of the appointment, with the addition of a small fee (issued by the card reader company). 

Details for bank transfers will be provided once an 

appointment booking is confirmed. 

Do you allow billing through insurance companies?

No, I do not bill through medical insurance companies. The requirements set by insurance companies do not fit with the services I offer: You (or your child) do not need a mental health 'condition' or 'diagnosis' to work with me. In addition, whether or not the criteria for a mental health diagnosis is met, I believe that there is nothing 'ill', or 'injured', or 'broken' in you or your child that needs 'treating' or 'fixing' by me. Insurance companies use this language, and indeed often require therapy to be described in this way, for them to agree to cover costs. 

Is there anyone you cannot offer support to?

Yes, I am unable to offer support to families who are currently experiencing any abuse, or violence, either verbally or physically. Therapy services are contraindicated 

where there is current risk of abuse, as being currently safe is a pre-requisite for undergoing safe and effective therapy. 

I am also unable to support people whose primary aim is to change someone else - e.g. Parents who wish to change only their child, or people who wish to change their partner, etc. Therapy is always the process of making change for oneself - When we make changes for ourselves this often prompts changes in those around us, but where changing others is the primary aim of the client, then therapy is not recommended