Common misconceptions and myths about mindfulness

I can’t seem to go a day anymore without hearing the term ‘mindfulness’ - It’s in our newspapers, news reports on TV, magazines, Instagram, Twitter, our workplace … it’s everywhere!

And I for one, believe that is great - In my experience, both personally and professionally, a regular practice of mindfulness has the capacity to transform our lives, and make us much healthier humans - Physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually.

But what do you think about mindfulness? Perhaps you have some beliefs that are holding you back from embracing mindfulness, and therefore that are holding you back from making it a part of your toolkit of health, wellbeing and self-care.

For example, do you perhaps think that mindfulness and mediation are the same thing? Or perhaps you believe that you need to sit totally still, in complete silence, in order to be mindful?… If you do, you are certainly not alone, but your beliefs are actually based more on myth, rather than fact.

I recently wrote about the most common myths about mindfulness, for Support Local’s Online Magazine. The article takes you through six frequently believed myths and misconceptions about mindfulness, and clarifies the facts.

Click on this link, and head to that article, to read more:

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