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Hi, I'm Jenny.

I am a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, with over 13 years experience. 


I am the only clinical psychologist in the UK trained & certified as a Daring Way™* Facilitator

(*Based on the research of Brené Brown)

specialise in supporting Mums who want to maximise their mental health and their emotional resilience, in particular their shame-resilience. Who want to let go of their 'mum-guilt' & stop pretending, perfecting and performing for others. 

Who want to begin to believe 

that they ARE enough,

and that they are worthy.

Just as they are.

And who want to raise kids who also have emotional resilience & good mental health, and who believe wholeheartedly in their own worth too. 

No one provides you a manual or a road map for your journey as a Mum, 
and it can be an emotional rollercoaster at the best of times, to put it lightly.
Being supported in your journey really can make a world of difference - To you, and to your children. 

I provide support at any stage of the parenting journey, from preparing to become a parent, on your fertility journey,
through pregnancy and the perinatal period ... right through until your children have flown the nest. 

As an expert in perinatal psychology, and parenting psychology, I provide support for a variety of aspects of this journey.
You may have experienced depression, anxiety, or trauma related to fertility, birth trauma, or pregnancy loss.
Or perhaps you have experienced some difficult feelings about any of your experiences as a Mother, or Mother-to-be, and you wish to have a space to explore those, and to be supported with those feelings.

Emotional challenges are common, and they are hard, for all of us. 
I combine my expertise in mental health, with an expert and intimate knowledge of how being a woman, and a mother, or someone who wishes and hopes to become a mother, can impact on our mental health, and that of our children. 

I offer PSYCHOLOGICAL THERAPY and/or exclusive COACHING for Mums, 
based on an integration of clinical psychology therapy models,
BRENÉ BROWN's vulnerability, shame & courage research: 

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Online video and/or 
TELEPHONE appointments

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began offering psychology sessions exclusively via video, or over the telephone, for UK-wide residents.

I specialise in offering support for anxiety, fear, health anxiety, stress, uncertaintyvulnerability, loss and grief, disappointment, anger, feelings of overwhelm, not feeling like we're doing 'enough', or doing 'well enough' to cope or thrive, as well as family conflict, and how to talk to children about difficult topics like illness and death - I can offer valuable assistance in this very challenging and unprecedented time, and its aftermath.

Or perhaps you are finding that this lockdown has brought you closer to the type of life that seems to fit well for you ...

Less external distractions, more family time, more time at home as a couple, etc....

If this is the case for you, then I can also support you to carry these positive changes forward into the post-lockdown world. 



"I am so grateful I got to see you in the past few months. I don’t think I would have been coping very well right now [during the Covid-19 pandemic] if I hadn’t focused on my anxiety back then"

"My sessions with you were very productive and really helped me through a difficult time. I feel a sense of understanding and strength that I lacked at the beginning of our sessions" 

"The session I had with you was very helpful to me and I would certainly contact you again should I need some, good and comforting advice" 

"You've given me some of the most valuable advice and helped me work through some of the hardest parts of my life and for that I am forever grateful" 

"I have huge admiration for your courage, vulnerability and ability to be true to your values and beliefs whilst being an excellent psychologist ... you have been very powerful in helping me change the ways I conceptualise things" 

"Your enthusiasm, and genuine care and consideration, combined with your great skill is invaluable"