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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice has been written by me, Dr. Jenny Turner, and it provides a brief summary of how I process personal data. I am committed to protecting your personal information at all times, and to taking all actions necessary to ensure that your personal data is processed lawfully, fairly, and in a transparent manner. This privacy notice is provided in line with GDPR, and the Data Protection Act 2018. This information is up to date, and effective immediately, as of 21st August 2019. 

When I collect personal information

As soon as you make contact with me, I begin processing your personal data - For example, if you call my mobile phone from your mobile phone, then I immediately begin to process some personal data related to you (i.e. my phone stores the number you have called me on, or if you contact me via email or via this website then I begin to process your email address/phone number, etc.).  

Why I collect personal information, and what information I collect:

As a clinical psychologist, I need to collect personal information in order to offer safe, professional and effective psychology services. I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a "data controller" for this purpose. As well as being legally required to operate in accordance with GDPR, I am also governed by the Health & Care Professions Council's 'Standard of Conduct, Performance and Ethics', and the British Psychological Society's (BPS) 'Practice Guidelines', which also advocate for the privacy and confidentiality of all psychological services offered. 


Information I will collect from you, in the course of offering psychology services, will include: Your name, contact details, address, date of birth, GP details, and if you are a parent seeking psychological services in relation to your child, then I will gather this information relating to your child as well. I will only ever collect information about you, or your child, in accordance with offering you safe, professional and maximally effective psychological services, and so I have a legal "legitimate interest" in processing the personal data that I request from you in this context.


As well as contact information for you and your GP, in the course of offering psychological services I will also collect from you more sensitive information about you, or your child (e.g. race, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, genetic information, sex life or sexual orientation, etc.). In line with the GDPR, this sensitive information is also gathered legally, for the purposes of providing preventative or ongoing healthcare.

You can always decline to provide the information I request. If you decline to provide either contact information and/or GP information (for you and/or your child, if relevant), then I will be unable to offer you psychological services, as I would be unable to work safely and professionally without this information. If you decline to provide more sensitive information, while I would be technically able to offer you appointments for my psychological services, it is likely that the effectiveness of the psychological services you are seeking would be significantly compromised - The very nature of psychological services is to explore sensitive personal information. That said, I understand that sharing sensitive information is often understandably very hard, and there is no time pressure regarding when you would be expected to share this information - this information will be provided by you, at your pace. 

How do I protect the information I collect

All information I collect is kept confidential and private, with a few rare exceptions, summarised below. I keep information private and confidential by using only secure cloud-based electronic records - no paper notes/records are stored by me in the course of our work. All electronic devices and programs that I use are password/passcode/Touch ID protected, and use I use encryption, and/or password protection, to protect your data if/when it is sent electronically. 

Please note that I also have business pages associated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn -

If you actively interact with those posts (i.e. 'like' or comment on a post, etc.) then I will necessarily have access to that information contained in those interactions (i.e. your username, and any information you share in the comment, etc.). However, I do not process this data any further - I do not store it or process it myself, nor do I transfer it out of those apps. I therefore trust that you are are aware of, and understand, the privacy policies of the various apps you may use to interact with me. 

This is also true of any comments you may make on my blog posts - If you comment, any personal data associated with that comment will be visible to all people who view my website and blog. Again, I do not process this information any further. For information on how this website provider may use your personal data please see https://www.wix.com/about/privacy. 

When do I share the information I collect

All information I collect is kept confidential and private, with a few rare exceptions, summarised here. 1. Your name may be shared with reception staff at one of the venues from which I work - this is to ensure an efficient, hassle-free experience for you, in arriving for your appointment. 2. I am also professionally required to engage in clinical supervision of my work - this means that I may discuss my clients with my supervisor - when I do so, I will use only first names, and will very likely talk only about the themes of our work, rather than specifics. When I access supervision this ensures that my clients get the most professional, safe and effective service from me possible. 3. I can also share information with another party if you request that I do that (e.g. if you wish me to write to your GP/another professional  regarding an update of our work). 4. I also have a legal obligation to share any information I have pertaining to any potential risk of harm - potential agencies I may contact in this instance are: GP, child's school, police, social services, etc.

How long do I keep the data? 

Once a client agrees to work with me, or if during the initial consultation a potential client provides me with data relating to any potential risk, then any data related to that client is kept for the duration of our time working together, and an additional seven years after the work has ceased. This is accordance with the BPS 'Practice Guidelines'. 

What are your rights as a client, or potential client?

The GDPR clearly states that you have the following rights regarding any personal data of yours, which is processed by someone else: 

1. The right to be informed. 2. The right of access. 3. The right to rectification. 4. The right to erasure, in certain circumstances. 5. The right to restrict processing, in certain circumstances 6. The right to data portability, in certain circumstances. 7. The right to object, in certain circumstances. 8. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.

Please see https://ico.org.uk for more information about these rights, and/or request to see the more detailed Mind Body Soul Psychology Privacy Policy for more information related to how I ensure these rights are upheld. 

If you have any concerns, or questions, or complaints about how I manage personal information

Please contact me (Dr. Jenny Turner, data controller for Mind Body Soul Psychology) in the first instance, using the contact details provided below. If you are not satisfied with my response then you have the right to raise the matter with the ICO - please see https://ico.org.uk for more information. 

For more information

I also have a more detailed Privacy Policy, which anyone can request from me at any time - please contact me if you would like to see this document