Couples Therapy

I can help you overcome whatever is holding you back as a couple.

I can help your relationship become the relationship you want it to be

It's a courageous choice to begin talking therapy, and there are many reasons why couples seek it out. 

I am experienced in, and have a special interest in, working with couples to overcome the following challenges: 

- Communication difficulties 

- Lack of harmony and/or Frequent arguing

- A build up of resentments within the relationship

- Commitment challenges

- Challenges regarding trust

- A lack of clear boundaries in the relationship 

- A sense of Disconnection within your relationship 

- Feeling on 'different pages' within the relationship

- Attachment difficulties, and how these relate to our respective upbringings

- Challenges associated with fertility

- Working towards an amicable separation or divorce

Challenges in co-parenting 

- And when one, or both, of the couple experience their own mental health or physical health concerns.

- Etc. 

I welcome queries from married and/or unmarried couples, of any sexual orientation or gender identity,

and from any cultural or religious background. 

The therapy I offer will be developed collaboratively, with you actively contributing to this process as well as me. I will base my input to this collaborative process on an integration of many evidence-based psychological therapies and techniques (for more information about my skills, experience and therapeutic techniques, please click the link below). 





Please note: I am unable to offer support to couples who are currently experiencing any abuse, or violence, either verbally or physically. My therapy services are contraindicated where there is current risk of abuse - Currently living in safety is a pre-requisite for undergoing safe and effective therapy with me. If this applies to you please speak to the Police and your GP about options for you to become safe, phone the National Domestic Abuse Hotline (freephone) on 0808 2000 247.

Dr. Jenny Turner, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

Please note that as of August 2020 I am now on maternity leave. 

All emails and phone messages will NOT be checked/replied to until I return to work -

The timing of my return to work remains to be confirmed, as I embrace this new and uncertain experience of becoming a parent for the first time - Many thanks for your understanding

Ph: 07760 541 490

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